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That's all folks!

May 17, 2018

Hey dummies,

I know we made this threat once before but this time we mean it. We at Ear Goggles have recorded our final episode.

What was once a joyous occasion to have a few drinks and share nonsensical stories with you has become something too difficult for me and Aaron to do as we try to live healthier lives.

Stacy did her best to keep the band together for as long as she could but we just can’t find a way to continue.

Doing this show for you has been an absolute blast. We've made many friends around the world and even had a few laughs along the way.

We will miss this experience and you very much. For the time being, we will keep the podcast feed alive so you and we can enjoy the archives. We will still keep all social media and email channels open in-case for some reason you want to keep in touch.

I know we would like that very much.

Thank you for nearly 13 years of unforgettable memories and support.

Until next time...