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Jun 29, 2013

This show has everything: yum yum kitty, Larry King, store dancing, birthday failure, celebrity sex dreams, mashup greatness and one inbred headless bunny. Load up the van, we're going for a ride.


Jun 28, 2013

Stacy takes a scary new route to the studio armed only with Jeremy's directions, we recount last week's post show shenanigans, and Aaron needs more donations for his trip to Seattle. Grab your pills - episode 364 may cause anxiety.

Jun 24, 2013

Aaron visits a foreign land where a manure lagoon exists and a car explodes in his vicinity. Also, Stacy fails at dating and some wingnut says male fetuses masturbate. So think about that next time you're pregnant.

Jun 20, 2013

It hasn't been widely reported, but James Gandolfini died and we remember him in our usual respectful fashion. Plus, a listener wants us to shut up about sober living, Stacy gives advice on how to handle a crazy old lady and someone calls the poopline by mistake.

Jun 14, 2013

Aaron has a personal crisis and may cut back or stop drinking altogether. Jeremy has super secret reasons for rebuffing booze, so Stacy is the only drunkie left on the show. It's a lot like the End Times. One thing is still true though...masturbation is harder when you're wasted....