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Oct 31, 2012

Super Storm Sandy rolls right over the top of Aaron's house. Find out what he had to do to survive. Then Jeremy geeks out over the announcement that more Star Wars films are on the way. Also, Meatloaf serenades the nation in support of his hero, Mitt...

Oct 29, 2012

Aaron travels to a far off land where other people fill up your gas tank for you. But it wasn't another man handling his nozzle that bothered him. It was just the tip he felt he may have owed. Also, Jeremy meets "The Reign Man" Shawn Kemp which makes Aaron incredibly jealous. He also finally discovers if he stole from a...

Oct 26, 2012

We're celebrating our 300th episode with a favorite guest of both yours and ours. Luke Burbank from TBTL helps us take calls from listeners who are on the toilet and pouring fireball down their shame holes. We also try to imagine a world where Liam Neeson is a sandwich...

Oct 22, 2012

Dikla Tuchman from Have Growler Will Travel drops by to talk about the new season of Northwest Beer Night featuring her and Jeremy and why he's so funny on that show. Also, Aaron goes camping with the scouts and finds a way to make it totally awkward...again. Plus Stacy gets absolutely hammered.

Oct 18, 2012

A star-studded show with appearances by Batman, Steven Hawking, Steven Hawking's girlfriend Susan, Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and even Thunder from Stack of Dimes. Take all of that and put some sprinkles on top and you have episode 298 of The Sibling Rivalry. Enjoy!