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Nov 30, 2011

Thanksgiving as we know it almost ended in a fiery catastrophe while Jeremy continued to stuff his face with molasses cookies. Aaron's holiday was ruined by black friday greed...does that make him racist? Also, despite being a new dad Jeremy finds time to watch a lot of football with a lot of his dude friends and...

Nov 30, 2011

It's Jeremy's first Christmas as a dad and his hunt for the perfect gift leads him to a disturbing discovery at Toys R Us. Meanwhile, he and Stacy are jealous of Aaron for not having a TV because they can't stop watching theirs. Also, listeners are traumatized by recent episodes. Find out why by listening to this one!

Nov 27, 2011

Aaron sides with police who pepper spray peaceful protesters on the campus where he got both of his fancy master's degrees. Sheryl fills in for Stacy and tells the horrific tale of getting pepper sprayed herself...sort of. Also a werewolf is caught masturbating in a department store. Find out how he damaged hundreds of...

Nov 23, 2011

The hilarious Jimmy Pardo from the "Never Not Funny" Podcast and from "Conan" joins us to talk about podcasting and how he's using it to save the lives of children all over the world. Also, Stacy has Gosling Boner, Jeremy hates the new Twilight movie and Aaron almost accidentally...

Nov 16, 2011

The guys from Stack of Dimes hang out with us at Cinebarre where we awkwardly talk about awkward times to get aroused, how awkward it would be to use tampons soaked in vodka and how awkward it is that Jeremy is looking forward to seeing the new Twilight movie. It's all very awkward.