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Aug 31, 2011

Two natural disasters strike just a few hundred miles of Aaron's home and somehow he survives. Hear his harrowing tale and those of some the the finest journalists in the country who covered the story in Episode 196 of The Sibling Rivalry.

Aug 31, 2011

When you need advice you can always count on Stacy to steer you in the right direction. In episode 197 she helps another desperate listener as well as the world famous Kim Kardashian. Also, why is Al Gore screaming profanities and why did some dude need a semi truck to steal a sex toy. These answers and more in our...

Aug 28, 2011

Turn out the lights Corky, it's time for romance. The 6th anniversary celebration continues with more great highlights, voice mails and lessons from shopping on Craigslist. Also, is a 4 year old preacher enough to bring Jeremy back to church?

Aug 24, 2011

Join us as we celebrate our 6th anniversary with a full blown case of chicken pox. We look back on some of our favorite moments, favorite guests and favorite embarrassing stories. Also, tons of wacky voice mails from...

Aug 17, 2011

Election day has come and gone and most of us were able cast our ballots. Find out why some of us didn't and why one candidate confused a poet with Pokeman. Also, It's a Scientific Fact: Superman's crystals go from science fiction to science...