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Sep 6, 2009

How close would you let your kids get to Michael Jackson's zipper? What is Adolph Hitler doing in a sex tape? And what could we deep fry that you won't eat. The answers to these burning questions in the latest Sibling Rivalry Podcast. Download NOW!

Aug 30, 2009

Listen in as we take another giant step with our first BlogTalkRadio experiment. That's right, our first live show that you can call in and participate with. It's sure to be a train wreck...DON'T MISS IT

Jun 15, 2009

No, it's not the FINAL episode of the Sibling Rivalry. It's just the last one done on a very old and now deceased Gateway laptop. Aaron made the switch to Mac years ago and after the abrupt end to this show Jeremy did the same thing...finally. His laptop died and will not be resurrected. But with his new Mac he was able...

Mar 15, 2009

What is your secret identity? Do you use one online to hide your virtual life from your real one? Some people may soon be forced to in order to keep their jobs. We will tell you all about that controversial issue in this 58th episode of the Sibling Rivalry. Oh...and we will talk about porn at work parties, lingerie...

Mar 3, 2009

When he was President George W. Bush gave some pretty bizarre speeches. We'll share a few of the "off-script moments you may have missed in the State of the Union Address that wasn't really a State of the Union Address. Also, should you be friends with your boss on Facebook? Finally everyone knows James Brown had...