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Mar 28, 2006

On Episode 19 we discuss the rather demanding hospitality requirements of VP Dick Cheney. Also, you'll get a taste of Isaac Hayes' Chocolate Salty Balls. Finally, we also have the latest song from Resolve to Burn, the band in our Build a Band series.

Mar 16, 2006

Listen in as we discuss the proposed censure of President Bush, South Dakota's Abortion ban and we get a special report on a new reality TV show featuring Osama Bin Ladin's niece. Also hear the latest single from Pearl Jam World Wide Suicide. As if that weren't enough you'll also meet a cast of new characters on the...

Mar 1, 2006

For the first time we bring you The Sibling Rivalry in it's raw unedited form. Listen in as we discuss government spying, sex toys and of course the death of Don Knotts.