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Dec 28, 2006

James Brown, President Gerald Ford and Peter Boyle have all passed away this holiday season.  Join us as we say farewell to them, as well as 2006.  Also, we discuss this burning question: Is it okay to be a Justin Timberlake fan?

Dec 20, 2006

Happy Holidays!  Our 2nd annual Christmas spectacular once again features our childhood friend Mark as he counts down the always-relative Top Ten Christmas Songs.  We also make our second consecutive attempt at taking your calls from all over the world.  As an added bonus, if you receive a new watch for Christmas, we...

Dec 12, 2006

For the first time we take your calls in this Skypecast!  Listen as we discuss the latest fashion trends in hair dye, celebrities we most look like, global orgasms for peace and the magic of Santa Claus.  Is he coming to your town?

Oct 24, 2006

Is a podcast dedicated to pedophilia merely an act of free speech?  Will Mike Tyson return to the boxing ring to battle women?  Can Coca-Cola make you lose weight?  We tackle all of these crucial issues in this edition of The Sibling Rivalry.  Also, North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il takes time from his weapons testing...

Oct 16, 2006

The Sibling Rivalry wants you to vote for the winner of our very first Battle of the Bands!  Download the show, listen to some fascinating conversation, some great rock music and participate!  Your vote might not matter much to the president but it counts here.  Use it!