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Dec 31, 2005

This week we begin the Chronicles of "Build A Band." Follow along as a band is created and begins their journey. Will it lead to stardom? Super stardom? Super duper stardom? Or will the whole thing blow up in our face? Also, we'll try to answer the age old question is Dick Clark really still alive?


Dec 20, 2005

Jeremy and Aaron finally get a break from hectic school schedules to bring you another episode of The Sibling Rivalry! New to the show this week our entertainment correspondents Mark and Carl review their Top Ten Christmas movies, we get an NFL update from a now former Lions fan and we get a little personal...

Dec 12, 2005

This week our NFL rivalry concludes as The Seahawks and 49ers met for the last time this season. Also, Jeremy tells his tale of the annual celebration of Festivus. We also pay tribute to the death of Richard Pryor.

Nov 30, 2005

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas? Whichever you prefer this episode of The Sibling Rivalry is sure to get you in the holiday spirit as we discuss some lesser known holiday traditions from around the world. Also, you get the latest on our NFL rivalry as well as some news events from around the country. It's enough...

Nov 16, 2005

On this week's show we have a musical guest to perform for you. We'll also play some long lost but not forgotten sweet jams from Aaron's musical past! So turn it up REAL LOUD for the latest edition of The Sibling Rivalry!