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Nov 13, 2017

Bring out the Gimp. Jeremy and Aaron share disgusting bug adventures and Stacy gets hacked by a booty fan. I have to go to Olive Garden!

Nov 3, 2017

I'm a real cool boy! We binge on candy and Stranger Things then delve into the spiritual mysteries of the beard. Plus we talk to Jeremy's new crush, the slyly hilarious John Hodgman, about mid-life crisis, Vacationland, good drugs and awful fudge. I love this movie so much I've already seen...

Oct 30, 2017

Stacy has freshly waxed junk and more car problems, Jeremy plans to Halloween as a man-princess and Aaron will soon be fighting tigers in India. Listen, Judge I can't do jury duty, I'm on a gin...

Oct 23, 2017

The dark times are upon us again and every woman you know has been assaulted but like Stiles & Chunk always say, it smells like candy corn in here. Then Thunder stops by to remember gross Halloween things and Teen Wolf. Hey good lookin, we'll be back to pick you up...

Oct 16, 2017

Take a hard left and join us in the hot tub time machine while we drink our feelings. A sex-bot has a really bad day, then Stacy floats to Purple Panther Mountain and tries to buy condiments. This episode starts naked and ends with dip, what more do you want?

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